The Office of Emergency Management works with all city departments to see that North Wildwood is prepared for storms and other emergencies that exceed the normal every day operation of the city.   The Office of Emergency Management provides the public with preparedness information on North Wildwood’s Emergency Preparedness Website –   Preparedness is something that everyone should be doing all the time not just before a storm.   Whether it be an evacuation or sheltering in place when the alert comes out you only have a short period of time to get ready so it is incumbent on all residents to be prepared.   Visit the website and click on the Be Prepared link for all the information you may need.

In the event of an emergency it is important that the public gets the right information. For the residents and visitors the North Wildwood Office of Emergency Management would also like to bring to your attention the several ways you can obtain local information from the City of North Wildwood in the event of an emergency.

  • This website in the event of emergency would have information updated information would be located on the front page in the breaking news section
  • The OEM website opens in a new window where you will find links to weather information, tide predictions and preparedness information.   This website is updated on a regular basis to remind residents of preparedness issues.   Facebook is used for more frequent updates. You can sign up for email updates when the page is updated at a link on the right hand side of the page.
  • North Wildwood’s 1640 AM traveler’s Information Station is the municipal AM radio station that is used regularly to broadcasts messages regarding the municipal services and tourism related information.   However when there is a storm emergency 1640AM broadcasts emergency information.    1640AM can be heard on your AM Station or via the internet at The radio station is located in the Emergency Management Office and is capable of transmitting live broadcasts in the event of an emergency.
  • Code Red Emergency Notification System the Office of Emergency Management uses the CODE RED system to alert residents of emergency situations.   The CODE RED is a system that will dial all Verizon and Comcast home phones in any selected geographic area in North Wildwood.     You do not need to register for this service for your hard lined Verizon or Comcast phone service.   As an option you may add your cell phones and even out of town phones by going to opens in a new window website and click on the link or use this shortened link – opens in a new window to go directly to the Code Red website.   When you sign up for cell phones you have the option to opt in for severe weather warnings.
  • Emergency Warning Sirens – In addition to structure fires the municipal warning siren are used by the Office of Emergency Management to alert resident of flooding, Evacuations, and Tornados also known as shelter in place.   The patterns are the flood siren sounds for 30 seconds on two minutes off, this repeats three times, for evacuation the siren goes up six second and off six second for an up – down pattern for five minutes and tornado is five minutes ON.   For fires the siren is seven seconds on and seven seconds off for four times. Also you can turn to 1640AM within 10 minutes of the siren activation where you will receive message whether the siren sounding is a flood or fire siren. For flood, tornado and evacuations along with the siren a Code Red message will be sent out.
  • Facebook – in addition to the various Facebook Pages that the many city departments have the North Wildwood Office of Emergency Management has a page at opens in a new window which is used to post weather updates, flooding information, helpful reminders and other preparedness information.

Lastly we want to let you know that North Wildwood has a commercial weather station that is accessible from the Internet.   A link is located on the website at a link located on the left hand side.   You can go there directly by following this link opens in a new windowhttp:// The weather station in addition to all weather attributes has a tide gauge that comes in handy during storms.

The Office of Emergency Management is manned on a regular basis when there is a state of emergency and can be contacted at 609-522-0191 all other times follow the menu prompts to leave a message.   Messages are forwarded to the coordinator or deputy coordinator via email and you will receive a return message in a timely manner.