The North Wildwood Office of Emergency Management reminds everyone that no matter what time of the year it is everyone should be ready to take any necessary action.  Whether it may be evacuation or sheltering in place you need to be prepared and preparation starts now not just before the event. With that said North Wildwood OEM has initiated a new website that has links to all the information that you may need to become prepared for any event and that is    On this page you will find links to the latest information concerning preparation, as well as links to the latest weather information.

The North Wildwood Office of Emergency Management would also like to announce that there is several ways to obtain local information from the City of North Wildwood.   First is the website .    The latest emergency information will be updated as needed on the main page of the website.  Second is North Wildwood’s 1640 AM traveler’s Information Station.    This station regularly broadcasts messages regarding the municipal services and tourist related information.   However when there is a storm emergency 1640AM broadcasts emergency information.    1640AM can be heard on your AM Station or via the internet at The radio station is located in the Emergency Management Office and has been updated to be able to live broadcasts to take place in the event of an emergency.      If such live broadcasts are warranted note that the times of the live broadcasts will be broadcasted with messages on 1640AM.

The Office of Emergency Management contracts the CODE RED Emergency Communications Network to alert residents of emergency situations.   The CODE RED ECN is a system that will dial all Verizon and Comcast home phones in any selected geographic area in North Wildwood.     You do not need to register for this service for your hard lined Verizon or Comcast phone service however you may add your cell phones and even out of town phones.   To do so you can follow the CODE RED link on the page or use this shortened link:     Currently the Office of Emergency Management issues the flood warnings via this system in addition to sounding the flood warning siren. To differentiate the flood siren from the fire siren please note that the flood siren sounds for 30 seconds on two minutes off, this repeats three times. Also you can turn to 1640AM within 10 minutes of the siren activation where you will receive message whether the siren sounding is a flood or fire siren.

The North Wildwood Office of Emergency Management Command Staff has combined over 100 years of experience in handling emergency situations and/or experience with the Office of Emergency Management.    The command staff is broken down in the following:

            Municipal Coordinator – Chief Robert Matteucci (Ret.)

            Deputy Coordinator for Communications and Weather – Michael Dowling

            Deputy Coordinator for Operations and Sheltering – Thomas Fox

            Deputy Coordinator for Planning and Government Liaison – Gary Sloan

The Office of Emergency Management is manned on a regular basis when there is a state of emergency and can be contacted at 609-522-0191 all other times follow the menu prompts to leave a message.   Messages are forwarded to the coordinator or deputy coordinator via email and you will receive a return message in a timely manner.   We urge you to visit which is changed regularly reflecting seasonal updates issued directly from the North Wildwood Office of Emergency Management.