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North Wildwood Adds New Beachfront Web-Camera at 2nd Avenue

North Wildwood – For your viewing pleasure, North Wildwood has added a NEW Beach Webcam at 2nd Avenue! Atop Lou Booth Amphitheater, North Wildwood will be operating a new web-camera that will be streamed live, 24-7, all year long, at the following link: https://northwildwood.com/hereford-inlet-webcam/.

The camera setting is currently at tilt, pan-view, however, it can be altered upon request. For requests from the press to temporarily stream or embed our web-camera, please contact the Mayor’s Office at (609) 522-6464.

“This web-camera is another great addition to the many improvements our City has been making over the past few years,” said Mayor Patrick Rosenello. “Now our residents can view the current beach conditions and crowd, from the comfort of their home,” said Mayor Rosenello.