Fire Chief: Dominick McClain


Emergency Dial 911

Administrative Captain:  Michael Blizzard


Administration: Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

Operations: 24 hours

The North Wildwood Fire Department is a combination career and volunteer department currently operating out of 3 stations:

Headquarters (Station 2)

400-A New Jersey Avenue
North Wildwood, NJ 08260

North Wildwood Volunteer Fire Company #1 (Station 2-1)

1409 Central Avenue
North Wildwood, NJ 08260

Anglesea Volunteer Fire Company #1 (Station 2-2)

201 New Jersey Avenue
North Wildwood, NJ 08260

Our department operates under the direction of the civil service municipal Fire Chief. A Battalion Chief in command over a Captain and two Lieutenants, who are all elected by their respective company members, head each volunteer station. The career division is organized into platoons with a civil service Captain in command of three firefighters per platoon. Staffing is increased during the months of May through the end of October during the peak tourism season. Throughout these months, seasonal employees are used to provide adequate protection for the increase in population.

All career and seasonal employees, and several volunteer members, are certified New Jersey State Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) and are required to maintain this certification throughout their employment. We provide basic life support (BLS) and emergency transport serving North Wildwood and our surrounding communities when called for mutual-aid. Our personnel are certified in all recent upgrades in emergency care authorized by the State of New Jersey.  Patient care and quality assurance is reviewed under the medical direction of a certified emergency physician. In addition to fire suppression, our fire department is trained and equipped to respond to a variety of emergency incidents. This includes, but not limited to, vehicle crash extrication, high and low angle rescue, haz-mat operations, elevator emergencies, CO emergencies, electrical/gas/utility emergencies, and animal rescue.

The fire department has the responsibility of responding to water emergencies all year long, especially during the “off season” when our Beach Patrol is not in operation. Under the training provided by the New Jersey State Police developed “Open Water Rescue” course, our personnel operate under guidelines established to protect the safety of the first responders as well as victims. Refresher training is held annually in conjunction with other municipal departments and agencies that respond together as needed. Our personnel also respond during the summer months to assist the Beach Patrol with after-hours ocean emergencies.

The fire department is highly active in fire prevention and community safety efforts. Working in conjunction with our Inspection and Housing Office we participate in several events including local school programs and the popular National Night Out event held annually in August.  We offer smoke detector checks, home safety inspections, and will gladly assist in the installation of residential smoke and CO alarms.

We urge our residents and visitors to please not hesitate in calling for our assistance regardless of how minor it may seem. Most especially when an audible alarm is heard, or a smell of smoke in the area is noticed please do not dismiss it, or assume someone else has made the call. Minutes and seconds count in an emergency.

DO NOT place a direct call to our fire station number. Our personnel may be out on another call, training, or performing other duties and may not be in the station to receive your call.


North Wildwood Fire Department is an ISO Class 3 Fire Department. We operate a 75’ / 2000gpm Quint as our first response apparatus, a 105’ / 1500gpm Quint, two Class A Pumpers, a reserve Pumper, a water emergency /technical rescue response Squad, three BLS Ambulances, a Boardwalk Response Unit and three Marine Response Vessels.

Prior to Hurricane Sandy, our City OEM Director was able to acquire several military surplus “5-Ton” trucks. As a result, we were able to respond to several emergencies within our community including a structure fire. These vehicles were instrumental in preventing excessive fire damage. These trucks are now well equipped for evacuation, EMS, and firefighting. Large capacity portable pumps were purchased and one truck is equipped with a complete firefighting capabilities.


Platoon A –

Captain Carter

Platoon B –

Captain Heitzmann

Platoon – C

Captain Ladislaw

Platoon D –

Captain Sanguinetti

FF Larcombe                               FF DelVicario                       FF Snyder                           FF Cole
FF Pluta FF Stanton FF Rouse FF Thompson
FF Capone PT/Firefighter PT/Firefighter FF Edwards

Platoon E (Inspections) – FF Mascio, PT/FF Hunt, PT/FF Kilmer


We are always looking for residents willing to commit as volunteer firefighters. Please contact either fire companies or the Fire Chief for more information.

Job Application

Include copies of all certifications. Minimum requirements are as follows:

-Valid New Jersey Driver License
-New Jersey or National Registry EMT-B Certification
-Current CPR Certification
-Minimum two years experience in EMS
-Firefighter 1 and 2
-Minimum three years experience as an active firefighter in a municipal (paid or volunteer) department. (Junior or explorer time is not accepted)
-HazMat Operations
-Basic Vehicle Extrication
-Basic or entry level Rope Rescue Training
-Ability to swim
-Medical clearance for SCBA
-Be available to work both Day shift (8am to 6pm) and Night shift (6pm to 8am)
-Required to Pass both a background check and physical

2018 Run Statistics:

EMS – 1103   Local Alarm – 1363   Box Alarm – 91

To request an application package, please contact the City Clerk’s office