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The Hereford Inlet Lighthouse will be open from 8am to 6pm on Saturday, October 20 and Sunday, October 21, 2018.  Visitors these two days will receive a complimentary souvenir from the Lighthouse.

Timeline of Events: Ranked from 1-13

1. Threatening Letter from Murray to Residents – 08.12.16

2. MEMO – Meeting Minutes_09.16.16

3. Letter from Steve Murray to City- 9.20.16

4. NJDOT Grant Closeout – 10.25.16

5. Canceling Christmas Tree Lighting – 12.2.16

6. Memo_Office of Clerk – Report Filings – 11.18.16

7. Meeting_City and Friends – 12.14.16

8. Blatant Disregard to City’s NJDEP Approved CFMP – Article in News Letter

9. Notification Canceling Management Agreement w. Friends

10. MEMO – Meeting Minutes_09.19.17

11. New Proposed Management Agreement – 10.05.17

12. Friends of Hereford Inlet Lighthouse Letter of Rebuttal to Management

13. City Solicitor’s Response to Friends Rebuttal

Official Statements of the City of North Wildwood

To view copies for download of our NJDEP State Approved Community Forestry and Vegetation Management Plans, please visit the bottom of our Buildings, Parks and Grounds homepage here:

Pertinent Documents Regarding Hereford Inlet Lighthouse

1. Ordinance 876- Establishing City Lighthouse Commission_12.4.1984

2. State Lease Agreement – City of NW and NJDEP

3. 2011 Resolution and Hereford Inlet Lighthouse Management Agreement